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Drive-Thru VIN Verification

Licensed by California Dept. of Motor Vehicles

My name is Rana Milbes and I am licensed by the California Department of Motor Vehicles and personally bonded as a VIN Verifier.  My services are reliable and VALID, as my priority as a VIN Verifier is that your vehicle is properly registered in the State of California.  

I keep myself at the forefront of the latest DMV news while retaining my knowledge of verifying your vehicle, be it a classic vehicle, out-of-state, a vessel, off-highway, or motorcycle.  Whether your vehicle is old or new, I provide a valid VIN verification thoroughly and complete - if I can't verify, I will not charge you.

We understand how important your car is to you and how important is to get your vehicle properly registered in the State of California.  I've built an unparalleled foundation of knowledge through experience and constantly remaining up-to-date with DMV forms and DMV publications.

It is my standard to be a reliable VIN Verifier.

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